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New version of AnswerBook out
For those using this multi-featured bot if you have any of the 2.x versions you can get the upgrade file here, new users can click on the title to get the full version.

mIRC DalNet Trick
Here's a nice lil trick posted at mIRC's homepage's forum for those having trouble connecting to dalnet, in your mIRC's status window type /server dalnet this will auto cycle through all available server until it finds one that works

New collection of IRC servers
Click on the title to download. Save the file to the mIRC directory on your harddisk (c:\mirc\ or similar), replacing the old file, and enjoy this refresh! The server list will immediately be available to you from within mIRC.


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Category: Main/mIRC Addons

· Official PnP Addons (24)  

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  .GET   Popular
Description: .GET is a napster-like filesharing utility for IRC that makes the process of getting files MUCH easier. No more wasting time going through fserves, xdcc bots, and @find's. For more info visit or #dotGET on The script will work with any channel on any network, but its current home is #dotGET on

.Get 0.01.012 Beta requires mIRC 6.1+. No new versions of .Get have been released since Dec 11, 2003.
Version: 0.01.012 B Filesize: 112.27 Kb
Added on: 26-Feb-2003 Downloads: 7063
Last Updated On: 03-Jul-2010
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

  5TATS   Popular
Description: Simple statistics addon contains:
General Information, DCC Counters , Other Counters , Mode Counters...
Version: v1.07 Filesize: 854 bytes
Added on: 06-Apr-2005 Downloads: 3419
Last Updated On: 06-Apr-2005 Rating: 1.0 (3 Votes)
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

  ::INFO:: Kick v1.0   Popular
Description: mainly for mp3 trading channels that get irritated by the ::info:: text at the end of a mp3
Version: v1.0 Filesize: 661 bytes
Added on: 29-Nov-2004 Downloads: 2361
Last Updated On: 29-Nov-2004
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

  Alarm Clock   Popular
Description: This is a clock using dll's to work, all done in dialogs. does not need any dialogs running to work. Great if you have to do something at a specific time.
Version: 1.0 Filesize: 107.21 Kb
Added on: 02-Oct-2003 Downloads: 2909
Last Updated On: 02-Oct-2003 Rating: 9.0 (2 Votes)
Rate Resource | Details

  AlienSpeed   Popular
Description: Maximise DCC transfer to high peformance
Version: Filesize: 2.29 Kb
Added on: 09-Feb-2004 Downloads: 5939
Last Updated On: 09-Feb-2004 Rating: 6.0 (4 Votes)
Rate Resource | Details

  Atl Poll   Popular
Description: This is a very simple poll script for mIRC. It has flood and cheat protections.
Version: 4.5 Filesize: 21.92 Kb
Added on: 02-Oct-2003 Downloads: 3868
Last Updated On: 02-Oct-2003
Rate Resource | Details

  Autoget   Popular
Description: Autoget 1.0, the download manager for fservs! This program brings mouse support and automatic download management to the clumsy, primitive fserv, making it more like an ftp. Instructions for use are included at the beginning of the script. Really meant for people who know scripting language as the logic script for the server output may have to be changed in the program to get it work with some fservs. Should work for most though.
Version: 1.0 Filesize: 82.81 Kb
Added on: 04-May-2004 Downloads: 7491
Last Updated On: 04-May-2004 Rating: 7.0 (3 Votes)
Rate Resource | Details

  Away System   Popular
Description: Away system with few options.
Version: FiNAL Filesize: 246 bytes
Added on: 18-Feb-2005 Downloads: 2962
Last Updated On: 17-Mar-2005 Rating: 10.0 (1 Vote)
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

  AwaySystem   Popular
Description: AwaySystem is a very configurable, easy to use, and very advanced Away system for mIRC.
Version: 3.02 Filesize: 304.74 Kb
Added on: 14-Feb-2002 Downloads: 8305
Last Updated On: 14-Feb-2002 Rating: 7.0 (9 Votes)
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

  Bangin Mp3 Player   Popular
Description: Simple Mp3 Player addon for mIRC. Has play, pause, resume, random, continous play features with optional channel advert.
Version: 1.1 Filesize: 2.69 Kb
Added on: 25-Jan-2004 Downloads: 4671
Last Updated On: 04-Feb-2007 Rating: 8.0 (3 Votes)
HomePage | Rate Resource | Details

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 Download Stats 
Total Files: 645
Total Categories: 71
Total Downloads: 1799245

 Newest Files 
 1: Nettalk (35)
[Added on: 06-Apr-2017]

 2: JediMirc (42)
[Added on: 03-Apr-2017]

 3: DarkFire (37)
[Added on: 03-Apr-2017]

 4: AndroIRC (29)
[Added on: 30-Mar-2017]

 5: Yaaic (24)
[Added on: 30-Mar-2017]

 6: Daniela Script (38)
[Added on: 25-Mar-2017]

 7: DreamIRC (36)
[Added on: 25-Mar-2017]

 8: Konversation (34)
[Added on: 23-Mar-2017]

 9: HexChat (32)
[Added on: 23-Mar-2017]

 10: AdiIRC (29)
[Added on: 23-Mar-2017]

 Last Updated 
 1: FrankenTeasev2.0 (46)
[Last Updated: Apr 25, 2017]

 2: Scoop 2004 (1133)
[Last Updated: Apr 13, 2017]

 3: vIRC (1514)
[Last Updated: Mar 14, 2017]

 4: Trillian (996)
[Last Updated: Mar 14, 2017]

 5: Quassel IRC (385)
[Last Updated: Mar 14, 2017]

 6: Nettalk (355)
[Last Updated: Mar 14, 2017]

 7: KVIrc (2627)
[Last Updated: Mar 14, 2017]

 8: IceChat IRC Client (1444)
[Last Updated: Mar 14, 2017]

 9: XChat (3260)
[Last Updated: Mar 13, 2017]

 10: Xchat Fedora rpm (2691)
[Last Updated: Mar 13, 2017]

 Most Downloaded 
 1: Nexgen Acidmax
[Downloaded: 123293 Times]

 2: Invision
[Downloaded: 87919 Times]

 3: Peace and Protection
[Downloaded: 48651 Times]

 4: Thriller
[Downloaded: 40055 Times]

 5: Trivbot2001
[Downloaded: 39849 Times]

 6: Nerfbendr's Triviabot
[Downloaded: 29226 Times]

 7: mIRC
[Downloaded: 28522 Times]

 8: Darkbot
[Downloaded: 24568 Times]

 9: Detonator
[Downloaded: 21488 Times]

 10: Yourbot IRC
[Downloaded: 18711 Times]


What do you visit IRC for?

To chat with friends
To meet people
To grab MP3's
To grab movies
Online gaming
To get warez
To serve MP3's
To serve movies
To serve warez
To nuke and flood
I have nothing better to do
Other (leave comment)


Votes: 14984
Comments: 3
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· mIRC 6.17 has been released!
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